Round Table

We are pleased to announce an invited talk and round table discussion dedicated to the groundbreaking 5th generation wireless systems, dubbed 5G, as closing event of the 2017 CTM OpenDay. In fostering a broad discussion around this innovative generation, which is expected to dominate the market by 2020, we aim to provide to the academic community, and in particular, to the students, an expert insight on cutting-edge research and innovation made at INESC TEC which is expected to have a huge impact on the telecommunication and multimedia domains.

We will count will the presence of the renown expert in wireless telecommunication, Professor Rui Aguiar (IT Aveiro), which will provide an overview of the 5G telecommunication standard. Under the umbrella of this opening talk, a round table discussion moderated by the CTM coordinator, Professor Manuel Ricardo, will unpack the ramifications of the 5G technology on the various research areas inside the Centre of Telecommunications and Multimedia at INESC TEC (CTM). To this end, M. Ricardo will be joined by the CTM area leaders: Professor Jaime Cardoso (information processing and pattern recognition), Professor Paula Viana (multimedia communication technologies), Dr. Rui Campos (communication networks), and Dr. Luís Pessoa (RF, microwave and optical technologies).

An event not to be missed by those who want to foresee the research and development roadmap for the near future.

This is a free event but requires registration here: