In the end, you and your team will take part in a final contest and everyone has the opportunity to win a prize!

The Final Contest will be composed of 4 subchallenges. Each member of the winning team of each subchallenge will receive an award worth 50 €!


I) How do computers automatically understand images?

The aim of this sub-challenge is to design and implement a machine learning model to automatically understand images from the available data. You and your team will be challenged to create a learning algorithm for multiclass image classification. The team with the model with the highest performance will be considered the winner!

Duration: 45 minutes

Location: INESC TEC, Auditorium B

Organisation contacts: José Pedro Pinto | Pedro Ferreira

II) How to take a photo from the sky?

You and your team will be challenged to deploy a Wi-Fi flying network, using a drone equipped with a video-camera. After a group photo has been shared over the network, this subchallenge will be overcome. The team that completes the challenge in the fastest time will be the winner!

Duration: 45 minutes

Location: FEUP, central garden

Organisation contact: André Coelho

III) How to identify musical mixtures?

In this subchallenge, you and your team will have the opportunity to test how good you are at identifying which sounds and musical sources have been combined together to form musical mixtures. To this end, you’ll be asked to identify how many sources are combined in a set of sounds and musical mixtures, as well as to identify the individual components which are used. The team with the highest score, or whichever team completes the challenge with perfect accuracy in the fastest time, will be named the winner!

Duration: 30 minutes

Location: INESC TEC, Auditorium A

Organisation contact: Matthew Davies

IV) How to design a wireless power tranfer system?

You and your team will need to design your own coupling coils for the design of a wireless power transfer system.
You will have to measure the impedance of the coils and proceed to make them resonate at a predetermined frequency, using different capacitor values. This challenge will finish after you and your team are capable of measuring the power delivery and efficiency of the system in a real-life scenario, using an inverter power driver, a rectifier and the built coupling coils. The team with the best overall efficiency/power delivery ratio will be considered the winner.

Duration: 45 minutes

Location: INESC TEC, Auditorium A / OET laboratory

Organisation contact: Vasco Correia